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The best Jungle Scout alternatives based on verified products, votes, external reviews and other factors. The Pro version costs a one time fee of $197, a $100 more than the Lite version, it also provides with features like Sales Item Profit Calculator, Dimension & Weight of Items, FBA Fee Estimator, Opportunity Score, Historical Price, and Rank & Sales Data.
Its web app, on the other hand, comes with competitor analysis, inventory tracking, email automation, product research, sales estimation, Jungle scout sales tracking, plus hijack detection functionalities. Product Search tool only supports It also does not allow filtering by keyword.

You might think that having a good amount of product reviews is just a general ecommerce best practice, and this is true, but product reviews on the Amazon Marketplace - an ecommerce sales channel with its own unique set of rules - play a significant and multifaceted role in overall sales performance (especially when launching and trying to ramp up a new product).
Picking the right niche is important no matter what business model you are involved in but it's especially true for Amazon FBA where you will be ordering inventory upfront; if you pick a product that ultimately doesn't sell, you could be left with a load of unsold inventory.
To simplify the process of finding that ideal product for you, SellerApp's in-house algorithm has devised a metric known as opportunity score This comes in after analyzing 500 million data points across a broad spectrum of umpteen number of products.

2) Helium 10 - Best for analysis of Amazon search results page (equivalent to Viral Launch Market Intelligence and Jungle Scout Chrome Extension tools), reverse ASIN keyword research, keyword rank tracking, copywriting tool, calculating sales velocity need to rank at the top for specific keyword search terms.
In addition to a web app and a Chrome extension, AMZScout provides Amazon to eBay Price Comparator, Amazon Inventory Spy, FBA Fee Calculator, Sales Estimator free tools across nine marketplaces- US, Germany, Italy, France, India, Spain, the UK, Mexico, and Canada.

You can scan a retailers website for profitable products and it works in the US, Canada and the UK. You can also scan for products on Amazon to resell on eBay and you can import wholesale or distributor feeds to check these against Amazon for opportunities.
Record the actual sales and all the estimated sales from Jungle Scout and all the competition in a Google sheet. Set maximum order limits on your products to avoid having coupon stackers wipe out your entire inventory - you should use this tool particularly when running a discount or promotion.
You can take help of Google(it is a chrome extension so duh!) to search for them and search for bestseller amazon products”, this search will lead you to an Amazon page with a list of products which are updated on regular basis. SellerApp turns any user into a product research ninja with intuitive features, instant insights and smarter shortcuts.

It works in a fashion similar to the JS Chrome Extension, but it also gives you access to a dashboard from where you can manage your searches. Apart from that, you'll also face a threat from your own customers in form of negative reviews that some of them might drop on your products.

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